Flat Rate

Consultation and representation on the basis of one-time flat fees

  • Do you want to obtain comprehensive legal assistance on a matter?
  • Do you need a contract or would you like to have contractual documents and the resulting legal consequences reviewed?

  • Then we offer you our legal services!
You can use the following form to request a flat fee consultation. You will first receive a fee offer.

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    Facts of the case

    BPlease describe as precisely as possible what you are concerned about; please state any opponents exactly.


    Send us documents - if available - that could be important for the facts of the case:

    Legal fees | individual fee offer

    As soon as we have the facts of the case, we will prepare an individual fee offer for you.

    Implementation of the consultation; if necessary, further procedure according to expenditure

    *All prices are net in EUR plus statutory VAT. The non-binding offer applies to entrepreneurs/companies and public-law institutions. Our general terms and conditions apply..

    Of course, you can also give us the above data by phone, fax or – also with your comments – by e-mail.

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