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Value system as orientation

If it used to be enough to rely on common sense in leadership, the speed and complexity of the modern world currently ensures that this has long since ceased to be sufficient.

Avoiding bribery and corruption are very old motives, but the ability to comply with labour and social standards and the generally growing awareness of values are today more than ever the impetus to install a value system. A value system provides orientation.


Acting in accordance with values and laws

Although there is no general explanation for the term compliance, we can define compliance as follows: Adherence to or fulfilment of regulations and requirements.

For us as attorneys, the area of entrepreneurial activity is particularly interesting in this context. The challenge is the intermingling of different laws and requirements such as:

  • national laws
  • international regulations
  • contractual agreements
  • intern regulations
  • set standards of value
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FAQ - Compliance

We have summarised recurring questions on the topic of compliance for you.

Compliance describes the act of adhering to rules in an organisation such as a company or business. The word itself is derived from the English term “to comply with”.

The objectives of compliance are for instance:

  • Reduce liability risks
  • Ensure compliant behaviour
  • Avoid reputational damage
  • Integrate compliance into operational work processes


  • Employees such as clerks, skilled workers, trainees, temporary workers, agency workers or temporary personnel
  • Leaders/Managers
  • Business Administration

Both violations of legal or other external regulations by employees and the disregard of internal guidelines with possible consequences for the company and its employees represent compliance risks. Whether the violation was intentional or negligent is just as insignificant as the fact whether the disregard was only partial or complete.

Consequences can be the following:

  • Criminal prosecution for e.g. fraud or embezzlement;
  • Financial sanctions such as fines or penalties;
  • Civil law claims such as claims for damages;
  • Measures such as sanctions by supervisory authorities.

A compliance management system (CMS) is designed to ensure conformity with rules. Rules can include legally binding and ethical rules.

Measures, structures and processes in their entirety that serve to ensure uniform compliance with the rules constitute a CMS. This is set up specifically for an organisation such as a company. CMS is suitable for all types of companies.

Compliance describes the act of adhering to rules in an organisation such as a company or business. The word itself is derived from the English term “to comply with”.

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Law Firm for Compliance, Compliance Management, Compliance Officer, Antitrust Law, Money Laundering Law, Commercial Law, Banking Law, Insurance Law, Corporate Law, Data Protection Law, Labour Law, White Collar Crime, International Law, Specialist Lawyer

Professional compliance management systems are characterised by minimising compliance risks and preventing compliance violations. The legal representatives are responsible for designing a compliance management system.

The system is designed to protect a company from risks due to rule violations. This security is only guaranteed if a system works by recognising and preventing rule violations in time.

We also train you.

In order to reduce risks in the long term, companies want to successfully avoid criminal offences, fines and claims for damages.

Informing, sensitising and training – that is our task. This is the only way to turn compliance theory into real practice. We train your employees and managers. 


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