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Compliance Organisation & Processes

The main objective of a compliance organisation is to ensure Group-wide compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. The organisation is designed to provide the best possible advice and support in all areas of the Group. Attorney-at-law, Engineer Michael Horak, LL.M.

Local contact person

For a globally active company, a worldwide network of local contacts should ensure compliance with the standards and support implementation. A local contact implements the Compliance-Programme together with the local management on site.

Information Flow

A smooth regular flow of information between the company board and the compliance officer communicates the current status of the compliance management system and its further development to the top management of a company.

Operational – process organisation

The operational part of the compliance management system is the compliance organisation, where the systematic processes of the compliance programme take place. This includes the elevations, appraisals and inspections of the information collected.

From the storage of files to a reporting system to monitoring and control, numerous compliance processes are required for the operational process. Internal regulations and document management are also part of the process. Further points of the process organisation are, for example, how the reporting to the management runs and clear specifications for ad-hoc reporting or how a compliance incident should be managed.

Whistleblowing System

A whistleblower system enables controls and monitoring within a company.

Corporate departments such as the human resources department, the legal department or the compliance department are suitable as reporting offices. It is in these departments that the expertise for the task is most likely to be found. Confidentiality and speed are the qualities that are important for a hotline to function successfully. The employee who reports something should remain anonymous. To ensure identity protection, no evidence of his identity should be revealed.

The larger a company, the more employee reporting points there should be.

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