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Information and Communication

The recurring training of employees as well as internal and external information on rules and regulations are a further element of the compliance management system.

Training and education of employees on the specific compliance management system significantly complements legal advice to ensure that implementation works. Attorney-at-law, Engineer Michael Horak, LL.M.

Internal and External Communication

Internal communication takes place “vis-à-vis” between employees. The external communication towards customers, intermediaries and the public. From the publication of the guidelines on the Internet to special checklists for employees in sensitive positions, the documentation can take many forms.

On the basis of their internal code of conduct, companies can provide their employees with a comprehensive training program on compliance topics. The training should not be rigid, but should be constantly adapted with the help of current evaluations. Training should also take place on a regular basis.

The purpose of the training is to ensure integrity and compliance in the company in the long term. In addition to support, employees should also find assistance in dealing with specific practical issues.

A company’s ability to comply with applicable laws, policies and voluntary principles is reflected in its reputation. We offer compliance training.

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