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Attorney Legal Costs

You are welcome to ask us about the potential amount of our fee before commissioning. Of course, we will give you binding information as far as possible. Unless otherwise agreed for out-of-court matters, we calculate our fees according to the statutory model.

According to this legal model, which is obligatory for the legal profession, fees must be calculated and settled for each concrete individual case on the basis of the fee elements. In civil law, the attorney’s fee is predominantly calculated according to the so-called value of the matter at hand. This is based on the principle that the fee is oriented on the one hand to the predicted (not the actual) amount of work and on the other hand to the liability risk of the lawyer. The German Federal Bar Association provides further information on this (also on the calculation of the fee amount).

For reasons of professional ethics and competition law, we are not allowed to provide legal advice in individual cases without a mandate and subsequent fee invoice.

Specific inquiries, by e-mail and even by telephone, will trigger corresponding attorney’s fees in the event that a lawyer responds. To avoid attorney’s fees, you can preface the transmission of inquiries with the clarification that a cost estimate is desired first without consultation. With this approach, the decision is yours and you basically avoid a cost risk.

In out-of-court consulting matters, we agree on a time-based fee on an hourly basis or a flat fee, if desired, in order to increase the transparency of the costs incurred for our clients.

Continuous mandates are frequent in our law firm; for these we offer alternative fee methods, such as monthly or annual lump sums.

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