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Our clients

Whom we advise and represent

In particular, we also advise and represent medium-sized companies, corporate groups, business institutions and public corporations of various sizes in compliance law. Our clients naturally include, among others, the following:

Educational Institutions
Universities, technical colleges
Developers, hardware and software system houses, manufacturers, programmers, providers, data centers, web designers, networkers, net agencies
Energy company
Operators of renewable generation plants, independent power traders, industrial power plant companies, project developers
Chain stores
Spa facilities, hotels, clinics, retail markets and businesses
Research & Development
Research and development companies and facilities
Financial institutions
Banks, savings banks, associations
Industrial company
Aluminum, automotive supply, construction, chemicals, design, seals, electrical engineering, manufacturing technology, beverages, information technology, fuel, plastics, food, mechanical engineering, metal, paper and cardboard, recycling, telecommunications, environmental technology, packaging

Based on years of experience, we have created service packages for our clients. These represent specific, constantly occurring solution offerings.


Innovative ventures
Inventors, start-ups, technology transfer, intermediaries
Municipalities, districts, cities, administrative communities
Exhibition stand construction and marketing
Companies such as catering, market research, trade fair construction, trade fair planning, trade fair implementation
ecclesiastical, cultural, education
State authorities
Federal administrations, state authorities and institutions, state enterprises
Federations and associations
Services, Industry, Craft, Sport, Technical supervision
Authors, printers, editors, publishers
Advertising agencies
Event agencies, full-service agencies, net agencies, web agencies
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