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Monitoring and Enhancement

Global developments, changing risks and new legal requirements require a constant update of the compliance management system.

Is the compliance management system appropriate and up to date? Does it still work? These are the questions that a company must ask itself again and again. Results from independent internal and external audits can provide information. Through regular controls, companies should monitor their essential core processes. This is usually done using performance indicators such as process duration or quality.

Monitoring and Progress

Continuously and thoroughly testing a compliance management system for effectiveness and improving it is part of indispensable maintenance. From monitoring to auditing to certifications, there are various ways to ensure maintenance.

Interviews with employees

How do employees proceed and what do they actually do in practice in explicit compliance cases? These are questions that special interviews with employees are intended to answer.


The compliance statement is another audit tool. Employees make a declaration to the company. The employees confirm that they acted to the best of their knowledge and belief and adhered to the compliance requirements during a certain period of time.

Audit of the business transactions

The audit of business transactions should be carried out on a sample basis.

Simulated House Raid – Mock Dawn Raids

One tool of the compliance audit is the simulation of a house search. This includes searching employees’ offices, securing documents and questioning employees. This is a test of behaviour in stressful situations. Behaviour that complies with the law is thus put to the test.

The test can be carried out by dedicated lawyers, the public prosecutor’s office or the cartel authority. They search the company’s business premises.


A regular review of the compliance management system is essential. There are already standards on how audits should be conducted. Different audit scenarios are offered in which either the entire system or only parts of it are tested..

A compliance audit should be carried out by an internal audit, external lawyers or external auditors. We are lawyers and support you with the internal audit (compliance audit).

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