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Data Protection Act – How the French Legislation takes action against GOOGLE and FACEBOOK

Data Protection and Compliance – An important matter

With the motto “Refusing cookies should be as easy as accepting them” the official CNIL website settle down the latest news on some salty fines Google and Facebook shall pay after an infringement of freedom of consent: “websites such as facebook.com, google.fr and youtube.com offer a button allowing the user to immediately accept cookies. However, they do not provide an equivalent solution (button or other) enabling the Internet user to easily refuse the deposit of these cookies.everal clicks are required to refuse all cookies, against a single one to accept them. On the Internet, the user expects to be able to quickly consult a website, the fact that they cannot refuse the cookies as easily as they can accept them influences their choice in favor of consent.” This constitutes an infringement of Article 82 of the French Data Protection Act. For this reason, a fine of 150 millions euros shall be paid by Google and a fine of 60 million euros shall be paid by Facebook Ireland Limited.


As you can read, data protection is a really important matter and it is often compared to compliance law. The protection of your data is fundamental for a clear and transparent internet presence. There are questions and matters that just an expert can recognize. For instance, do you adhere to compliance guidelines? We keep track for you.

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Data Protection Act – How the French Legislation takes action against GOOGLE and FACEBOOK

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